Saturday, February 15, 2014

Because she suggested it, and how could I say no??

A few weeks ago, I posted here asking for ideas on what to post about,
One of my favorite people in the whole entire world, commented with a few suggestions, 
Her exact words were.. 

"You could write about movies, fandoms, clothing, crazy stories about your dreams (I loved those), or maybe even owls. Who knows?"

Those are all marvelous ideas, but if you know me, than you know that the one that stuck out to me the most was that one tacked onto the end...

And because my flawless bestest friend ever suggested it, how could I say no??? 
So here we go.

She really could not have picked a better random animal to choose. I do rather have an obsession with these gorgeous birds.

This one is positively gorgeous, and it has a heart shaped face!!! Eeeek!

I also absolutely love anything shaped like an owl or with owls on it, I know that's a huge thing right now, but I am not ashamed to say that I am on that bandwagon. I actually own a necklace just like this.

I'm also obsessed with notebooks, does someone want to get me this?

It's sooo leetle!!!!

Haha okay I think that's enough for now. 
That was fun :P

Thank you Google Images for all the photos ;)


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"About that..." - a mini-scene

I walked over to what had become our meeting place lately, we talked all the time, how we managed to always have something to talk about is beyond me, as we have almost nothing in common.
But I liked it.
"Hey" I said when I walked up next to him.
"Hey," he said smiling, "what's up?"
"Not a whole lot, what about you?"
"A whole lot of nothing"
A few seconds of silence passed between us before I rolled my eyes and said,
"You, my friend, are an excellent conversationalist"
He looked down, "yeah... about that..." He said slowly.
I blinked "What, that you're actually terrible at holding a conversation?" 
He chuckled softly and shook his head.
"Then what?"
"About me being your friend."
He looked up then and I saw the playful glint in his eye.
"Oh? You don't want to be my friend anymore?"
He shook his head again "No, not especially, it's really not much fun. Do you want to be friends?"
I blushed, "Not especially."
"Then it's settled," He said, "We're not friends anymore."
"Right, well if we're not friends," I said playfully, turning away, "I guess I'd better be going"
He grabbed my arm from behind "Sometimes I think you're going to make things easy this time, then you remind me that nothing is easy with you."
I smirked, "As long as you know that, I think we'll be just fine not being friends."

Some strange part of me finds this absolutely adorable XD
Enjoy I suppose, if this even makes sense to anybody else, it makes sense in my head.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

I write because...

Because I think a lot, 
  My thoughts make sense, sometimes,
My words don't.
  Nothing that comes out of my mouth makes sense
It's all a jumbled mess and I can't fix it.
 But I can write.
When I write, it makes more sense, my thoughts don't seem...
Quite so nonsensical. 
  And if it doesn't, I can try again.
Erase, scratch out, delete, backspace,
try it again.
My fingers fly across the keyboard or page,
and it doesn't have to be perfect.
It can be broken, wrong, messed up, and make no sense.
Nobody ever has to see my rough draft.
I write because I can perfect it,
when I'm speaking, it all tumbles out and I can't fix it,
I try to explain it and it makes even less sense,
I feel like banging my head against the wall,
I want to scream "that's not what I meant!"
I write because I can fix it before it even leaves my mouth.
I write because then it makes sense.
I write because it helps me to understand what I'm thinking.


Sometimes I feel like all I can think after I talk to someone is "I shouldn't have said that/said it like that"
And I come up with stuff like this.