Sunday, September 29, 2013

Send Me Out

So this morning at church we sang a song that I loved, I had to look it up when i got home to listen to it again.

So I thought y'all would like to hear it too!!

This song is exactly what I want to do with my life, I LOVE it ♥

I wanna be your hands and feet
I wanna be your voice every time I speak
Wanna run to the ones in need
in the name of Jesus

Send me out - Fee


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Friday, September 27, 2013

ups & downs {#5}

-thumbs up-
Game night with my besties tonight! 
Playing with little kids <3
Seeing people I tagged do the Liebster Award :D
Getting amazing comments from awesome people!
Being invited to post on Our Faith and Fashion!! 
Thinking about redesigning my blog... what do you think??

-thumbs down-
The Gallagher Girls series is over and I don't have Mark of Athena yet #bookwormprobs
Trying to make a button for my blog and it's NOT WORKING, help??
STILL not being able to find a time when me and this girl are both free to Skype :/
Paying too much attention to what people think of me.


Sorry I forgot about Through my Lens yesterday! I didn't really have anything to post anyway, but I totally forgot it was Thursday! I have not been on my game recently!

I still have trouble thinking of "thumbs down", my life is awesome XD

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

it's all me.

I hide so much.
I might be laughing uncontrollably,
but I may be sobbing on the inside.
I could be talking to you like nothing's wrong,
but at the same time I'm questioning whether we're still friends.
You could very well not know the real me.
But maybe I don't even know who "the real me" is.
Everything about me changes with the people I'm with.
So many different sides of me, is any of them more real than the next?
You could know me as an entirely different person than someone else.

I'm quiet
I'm loud.
I'm a loner.
I'm social.
I'm reserved.
I'm outspoken.
I'm hyper.
I'm sensitive.
I'm a nerd.
I'm artistic.
I'm a tomboy.
I'm girly.
I'm serious.
I'm silly.

In some ways, all of these things are me.
One is no more true than the next.
Who do you know me as?
It's all me, it's all who I am.


Well there's that. Anyway, so sorry I haven't posted as much in the last few days :( I have no ideas!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Liebster Award!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah gave me the Liebster award!!!! Yippeee!!! Thank you!!

Liebster Award Rules:
Acknowledge the blog that nominated you.
Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger created.
List 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers that deserve some recognition.
Post 11 questions for them to answer.
Notify them that they've been nominated.

Thank you Sarah!!!


1. What's one book you wish you hadn't read (or had to read)?
I won't say one I had to read since I don't *have* to read much, recently I got a book at a second-hand bookstore for like 50 cents or $1 called Talent and it was really bad. It wasn't very interesting, short, yet still drawn out, and the ending was T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E.

2. A movie you could watch over and over?
TANGLED. No doubt.

3. Do you prefer to keep your nails clipped or grown?
Grown out I suppose, but not too long, I keep them at kind of a medium length.

4. If you were to write your life story, what would it be called?
Hmmm... Gah that's a hard question, so much of my life is Uganda, so really that's what the story would be, but I'm not very creative with names XD

5. Frozen or soft-serve ice cream?
SOFT-SERVE. No contest.

6. Favorite song right now?
This shouldn't be such a hard question, but it is....
Kings and Queens by Audio Adrenaline :)

7. What is your favorite kind of weather?
Basically exactly like it is right now, sunny but cool temperatures.

8. What one place would you DIE (okay maybe not die) to be able to visit?
Oh gosh. Haha. I'd like to see more of Africa, I'd like to go to Ghana sometime... Basically anywhere I go is missions-related, but otherwise I'd like to go a pretty specific place in Florida... *wink wink*

9. What's your least favorite animal and why?
Least favorite??? Lets see... Probably snakes, I know some people like them but they just creep me out with their creepy slitheryness *shudders*

10. Your favorite funny quote?
Gosh, just go to my Pinterest.

11. Would you rather have to sing everything you wanted to communicate for the rest of your life, or eat only bananas and frog legs?


My questions:
1. If you dyed your hair, what color would you choose?
2. If you could domesticate any wild animal to keep as a pet, which one would you choose and why?
3. Books or movies? Favorite book/movie?
4. Do you know what an octomoose is? 
5. Favorite quote?
6. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
7. Are you a girly girl or a tomboy?
8. Biggest ship? (I'm hoping you understand this, but just in case, that's like asking what your favorite fictional relationship is. Or celebrities)
9. Ideal way to spend the evening?
10. TOMS or Keds/Vans?
11. Have any siblings? 

Kind of weak questions, I know, but anyway! I tag:

1. Heather @ i'm a Jesus Chick
5. Kayla @ Laugh 'an Love
6. Emma @ infinity
7. Priya @ Priya Kate
8. KayleeBeth @ That Bright One
(Sorry if any of y'all have already done it, I tried to check and see but I might have missed it...)

This is sad, I can't think of anybody else, sorry!! XD

Bye Loves!


ups & downs {#4}

-thumbs up-
The weather is sooooo gorgeous right now <333
Reading the Son of Neptune :D
My brother is going to a lock-in at church tonight so I don't have to deal with him.... haha
Going shopping with my friends (Who I haven't seen for like 2 months!) tomorrow!!!
Got my money in for the trip to Gatlinburg just in time *Sigh of relief*
Snapchatting stupid pictures to my friends XD

-thumbs down- 
Feeling like I'm the least important.
Trying (and failing) to come up with a Skype date with my cyber-bestie.
I'm not any good at doing hair.
Hearing about dreadful things happening to a friend's little girl in Ghana...
Being too lazy to do my laundry. 


I feel like my thumbs ups always have something to do with what book I'm reading XD
I'll be back in a little bit to post my Liebster Award!!! :D


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Through my Lens #4

Through my Lens [#4]

Sorry not very good this week, hopefully it'll be better next time :) (But hey, there are pictures of my precious little bro, so that makes it all the better.)

Which one is your favorite???????


Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Have you ever thought you were born one place,
but your heart belongs in another?
That you weren't created to live where you do?
Wondering why you were put here...
When you could have been born somewhere else entirely.
Knowing there must be a reason...

Being more comfortable on the other side of the world,
than I am in my own hometown
Feeling more at home in a little country 
thousands of miles away.
Wondering what home really is
if my heart is torn between two
very different places.

Like I have two different lives
and parts of me.
One part always longing,
for the day I board a one-way flight
The other wondering if I could ever truly leave my life here.
One par daydreaming about what is to come,
the other wanting only to live in the moment.
One part nonstop tugging at my heart,
whispering that I don't belong here,
Another trying to imagine
how I could ever call anywhere else

You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.


P.s. I call this "photo inspired" because for whatever reason it was actually this photo that made me think of this.

Monday, September 16, 2013

That time I lost my books, blew up a bridge, and hit an evil villain with a pillow

Kay so, I know I've already told you one of my dreams before, but last night's dream was literally too good not to talk about, I've been laughing about it all day, I don't know where my brain gets these things.

Alright, before I start, I should let you know that it won't be as detailed as the last one since all the details are REALLY fuzzy so it's all a little hard to remember. 

I probably should start by saying I sort of had 3 dreams last night but I only really remember the middle one because it was the longest. I don't really remember anything of the last one and all I remember of the first one is Eduardo (See this post) was in it, which actually makes sense because I saw him last night and was talking to his sister and I was thinking about my conversation with his sister before I fell asleep. (I promise you I do not like him! Really!)

And now on to the entertaining part...
Let me set the scene, I'm still the same age as I am now, but I'm the only one, everyone else has gone back about 15 years. I'm with my 3 older-younger brothers and my younger parents and we are chasing something, and we're at some kind of bridge (Although what I remember looks more like a GIGANTIC trampoline, like, what!?) and I take some pictures at a sort of photobooth but they didn't give us the pictures yet. 

Now there's this little girl there, no older than 4, and I'm walking around with her, and something happens and she FREAKING BLOWS UP THE BRIDGE. But nobody blames us, they evacuate everyone and throw us our pictures and push us out the door.

Next I'm in a convenience store but I'm with different people now and we get attacked, I actually just now remembered this part so I don't really know what happened, but we were throwing food and stuff at each other and we ran away, and I'm pretty sure than little evil child is still with us, WHAT?!

Now we're back at the bridge, it's mostly rebuilt and we take pictures again, but when they give us our stuff, it's a bunch of (Really awesome) African-style necklaces, and we're asking for our pictures but I'm looking for my Percy Jackson books. 

The next scene is at a restaurant of some sort, and I'm with my family again, and we're attacked by a man and a woman, but we don't try and fight back we run away and get in the car and onto the highway. Apparently we know where we're going.

We end up at a house in the living room and the same lady is there, and you know who else? VOLDEMORT. Literally, and I'm supposed to fight him. There are a bunch of magic items and things that keep going off and trying to hurt me, but he's really not fighting back, at all. Everyone else is just standing there like it's a game. THe weirdest part about this? I'M JUST REPEATEDLY HITTING VOLDEMORT WITH A FREAKING CUSHION. He's not even fighting back, he's just letting me beat him to death with a pillow o_0 Every time one of the little magic goes of, someone just hit it with a pillow and we were good. Eventually I win and we just walk away.

And that's when I woke up.

I really don't know what's wrong with my brain, I have no idea where all this came from, I remember so many strange little details. (Ex. the evil little girl had tight dirty blonde curls) It's the weirdest dream I've ever had and I really do NOT understand it. Well, hope you enjoyed that.

I love Daily Odd Compliments. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Sometimes I wonder who my real friends are... 

I know that sounds totally cliche, but honestly, one minute you blow me off and act like you're so much better than me
The next we run around and dance and laugh like we never stopped being best friends.
I mean, is my best friend the girl I've known since I was 5 and have called my best friend since then? Would she even say the same thing about me?
I have a lot of friends, and up until a few months ago, I thought I knew who my best friend was.
Now I don't have a clue.
There are people I've known for as long as I can remember and I know we're friends, even if not close friends.
Then there are people who I have called my best friends for years, and sometimes I wonder if they'd even mention me if they were talking about their friends.
And the worst part, is I couldn't say this to any of them.
I'm too worried about hurting people's feelings, I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable, and I can't stand confronting anyone.
All my thoughts stay in my head.
I know I should stop, because I know I can't just push the thoughts away, 
I can hide them, and push them to the back of my mind, I can put up a wall to block them, but they don't go away.
They stay there, hidden in the back of my mind until it becomes so strong, that wall can't hold it anymore.
They come back, and with a vengeance. 
It's all even worse when it comes back, I end up bursting out in tears or blowing up in someone's face.
I hate it 
but somehow I can't bring myself to stop doing it.

can any of you relate to this?


p.s. I know this probably stinks, It's 10 PM and I realized I hadn't posted anything :/

Friday, September 13, 2013

ups & downs {#3}

- thumbs up -
Tailgate party and sleepover with my friends tonight!!! :D
Finished reading the Percy Jackson series :)
Strawberry lemonade (Seriously, this stuff is amazing)
It finally feels like fall <333333
Looking at my Uganda pictures 

- thumbs down -
Having friendship issues that I'm too afraid to even mention to them :/
My phone hates me.
My room is a mess but I'm too lazy to clean it.
Feeling like no one would listen to you anyway.
Missing my Uganda </3

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Through my Lens {#3} [uganda style]

I forgot what I usually did on Thursdays, so I looked at my schedule and saw Through my lens...
I thought, oh that's right! Then I realized...

I haven't taken a single picture all week.

That's right, not a single one!!

But I couldn't leave you guys with no post now could I? 

So I went through the photos on my laptop and decided maybe you'd like some old photos :P

Considering they're of these precious kiddos...

... I thought maybe it would be alright :)

So here ya go!


These kids are my loves forever and ever, being with them makes my heart full, leaving them makes my heart shatter

Love, Uganda.


Monday, September 9, 2013

he's a girmoose

Hey people!

Today I wish to tell you about one of my favoritest stuffed animals that I own.

You know, because stuffed animals are awesome and deserve their own post when they are even more awesome than a regular stuffed animal.


Anyway, his official name is George, but mostly I call him my Girmoose.

Why do I call him that? Well take a look at my little friend in the above photo, what animal does he look like?

I'm gonna take a wild guess and say you probably said he looks like a giraffe, am I right?

Well look again, what important characteristic of a giraffe is he missing?

That's right, he doesn't have a long neck.

And he has antlers.
He has a moose's body, with a giraffe's markings.

Meaning obviously, he is a girmoose.

(At one time me and my friends came up with his official "scientific" name, but I can't seem to remember what it was now D:)

I'm gonna be honest, I seriously love this little stuffed animal, I mean, isn't he adorable!?!?!?

He's super soft and squishy and just the cutest thing ever!

I love to hug him and squeeze him :P 

If you also wish to hug and squeeze Mr. George the Girmoose, I give you permission to show up at my house simply to do so.

That is all.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Do you remember,
 when you wished upon a star?
That first star you saw, that one was magic.
In our heads, that little star, a million miles away,
could make every with come true.
I can't tell you how many times I wished for something petty and selfish.
Almost every time, I wished for that new toy that I wanted.

I sit here, years later, wondering what my wish would be now.
If I could still will my heart to believe that it could make my wish come true no matter how big.
Would I be petty and selfish?
Wish for something new?
Would I wish for my puny problems to go away?
I'm a selfish first world child, no matter how hard I try to not be.

Or would my wish be something bigger?
Would I wish for something for our orphanage in Uganda?
Would I wish for enough stuff, and enough time to finish the Christmas presents we need done for them all?
Or would I wish for something for a friend going through a hard time?

Would I think bigger?
Would I wish that there would be no war?
Would I wish that world hunger was gone?
Would I wish that every child would have a loving family?

I consider this, wondering what my wish would be...
Then I stop.
I realize that wishing on a star will do me no good, 
why should I think about making a silly wish?
Wouldn't it be better to think that there's actual hope in your wish?
Wouldn't it be better to ask the one who has the power to make it happen?

Why don't I ask my God?
Isn't he more powerful than the star that He created?
He made the constellations and the beauty of the stars in the sky.
My thoughts and wishes should go to him, not to a non-living ball of gas that certainly isn't listening.
But God is, he hears our every thought.
He hears our every wish,
so stop wishing on a star,
and direct them toward him.

And when you look up to the sky and see the sun, the moon and the stars—all the heavenly array—do not be enticed into bowing down to them and worshiping things the Lord your God has apportioned to all the nations under heaven
Deuteronomy 4:19

Saturday, September 7, 2013

ups & downs {#2}

- thumbs up -
going to the zoo! :D
my brother came home last night <3333
My books should be coming in the mail on Monday!!
Looking at baby girls clothes *Sigh*
picking out doll stuff to give to my cousin :)

- thumbs down - 
This is late!!! D:
Waiting, waiting, waiting....
I only get to see my bestest friends once a week, twice tops.
We can't watch the UofL game on TV!? 


Sorry this is late!!! We were really busy yesterday! I actually had a hard time picking out things for thumbs down, my life is too great, hahaha!