Tuesday, May 20, 2014

*smiles sheepishly* Hi

Hehehe... Hello there.

I have learned a few things over the past couple weeks.

#1. I am a terrible blogger.


#2. I should never try & stick to a schedule.

Sorry guys D:



Help, I can't handle the feels *sobbing*


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ups & Downs {#13}

~thumbs up~
We made lots of money for Uganda at our yard sale yesterday!!!!
Getting to hang out with good friends :)
Stealing clothes from our yard sale ;) (I trade them for my old clothes!)
Comfy t-shirts. all day everyday.
Big -exciting- changes happening at my church, like, REALLY big.

~thumbs down~
Said changes (^^^) are going to be a really hard adjustment
I'm really tired from working the yard sale.
Not getting this up on time... whoops. Super busy.

later gators & May the fourth be with you ;)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

~my thoughts on the Divergent movie~

Can I just start by saying there are so many freaking book things I could talk about right now like OH. MY. GOSH.

My book world is exploding at the moment, but in an effort to keep myself sane, I'm gonna take a few steps back to my thoughts on.... dun dun dun you've-already-read-the-title-so-you-know-what-it-is-already-anyway.... THE DIVERGENT MOVIE.

Goodness gracious where to even begin...

Alright let's start from the top, the first time I saw the movie, I walked out with one word on the tip of my tongue "interesting". I couldn't figure out what I thought of it, the fact that my all-time favorite book had been turned into a movie made it extremely difficult to organize my thoughts about it.

Basically the one thing I knew for sure was that Ansel Elgort is freaking amazing, no one can deny that.

I saw it again a few weeks later & eventually came to my conclusion.

1. The movie itself was amazing

I have trouble admitting this a lot of the time with book adaptations, if it isn't like the book, I'm pretty consistent that I probably didn't like the movie. Divergent, on the other hand, though not perfectly accurate, was still obviously beautiful & awesome & epic

2. There was something I liked about every scene

I think this is the key to making book adaptations, you're going to have to change it, you have to accept that much, but if you keep it similar enough that book fans will like something in every scene, it works. The flip-side to this is that there was something I didn't like about most scenes too.

3. They tried

I know this sounds super critical, but I mean it as a serious compliment, in a lot of movies, when they realize it can't be exactly like the book, they just give up & do whatever they want (*cough* Percy Jackson *cough*), but that wasn't the case here, they left in as much as possible & did the best they possibly could with a 500+ page book.

After seeing it the second time, I realized there were pretty much only 3 things I DID. NOT. LIKE. about it, & that would be the simulations (those were changed WAY too much, like what the heck WAS that!?!?!), the fact that they left out the butter knife scene (I admittedly probably would've shut my eyes for part of that scene, but it was IMPORTANT in the book, it should've been there anyway), & the ending... those of you who read the book & saw the movie can probably just figure out why I didn't like that yourself.

All in all, I'd probably say 4-ish stars mostly because I'm critical of book-movies, but I did like it a lot, the actors were fantastic, the plot-line followed the book well if not perfectly, and overall, it was an impressive movie.

Leave your opinions of the DIvergent movie in the comments, I want to hear what you thought!


P.s. I'll be doing my "welcome may" post tomorrow since I'd already planned this one for today. :)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

time to party! ~ happy birthday {}

Get excited guys! it's time to party!!!! *begins dancing*

*slowly stops dancing* Wait, you mean you don't know WHY it is a joyous occasion cause for celebration?
You DON'T KNOW that the flawless Mackenzie has been blogging on her beyond beautiful blog *think. eat. write. read* for A YEAR!? 
You don't think that's cause for a party?
We are no longer friends.

Alright enough of the imaginary chit-chat because obviously there is no one who could be so silly as to think that this isn't the bestest time to celebrate ever, it is such an exciting occurrence, it must be recognized.

*begins dancing again*
*knocks over a lamp*
*runs into the wall*
*kills a cat*
*remembers I can't dance*
*casually stops dancing*

ahahaha... there were some questions I was supposed to answer, right? Yes that's right, let's do that now.

1. What do you like most about my blog?

Well aside from the fact that it is you, miss Kenzie, & you are so fabulous that it wouldn't matter what was on your blog, I would soak up every bit because you, my dear, are so awesome, I must say it is your writing. Which I know, sounds totally obvious & silly to say about a blog, but honestly, your words are just... flawless. I get so overwhelmed with excitement every time there is a new post in my blog feed because it is an opportunity to breathe in your lovely words.

2. What are some tips/advice I could use to help improve my blog?

Improve your blog? What? I cannot comprehend these words.... ummmm... perhaps you could post more often? I realize we all have busy lives & I understand that, but if I saw posts from you more often, I would be 100x happier :D

3. What is your favorite flower? (because, you know, it's spring.)

Well first, the argument can be made that you never truly know whether or not it's spring in Kentucky... It could snow at any moment & I'm not sure any of us would even be surprised anymore. regardless, I believe daffodils are my favorite, mostly because they're my momma's favorite so I've grown up loving them :)

Before I go...


That is all.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

What makes me, me? ~ a last minute contest entry

Hola world, today I am entering miss Rosie's "What makes you, YOU" contest, way past the very last second, so lets skip the chit-chat and get to it.

Who am I? I shall attempt to explain.

I am a girl who loves life, who loves herself (mostly), & loves others, but loves God most.

I laugh too loud, spend too much time making things "perfect", & I'm easily obsessed.

I find myself in love with fictional characters, & can't go anywhere without a book.

I have been called the "Queen of Shipping" by many, & it's fitting.

I'm in love with Disney, & I'm a little kid at heart.

I have many online friends who I love to the moon & back.

I'm awkward, & I laugh it off.

I'm not ashamed of being me.

I see beauty in everything.

I believe I was created for a greater purpose, & for such a time as this.

I am a girl, who desperately wants to change the world.

My heart sings when I'm serving others

I want to be somebody someone else looks up to.

The word "mzungu" makes my heart ache, but at the same time brings happy tears.

A day doesn't go by that I don't wish I was somewhere else.

Wanderlust doesn't even begin to cover it.

I get uncomfortable when I spend too much time in the United States.

I daydream about hearing the words "Nkwagala Nyo!" {I love you so much}


I'm a wannabe writer, not-quite-photographer, partially artsy, I read all day, when I'm not lost in thought,

I'm scatter-brained & this post shows it,

but one thing about me stays the same, every day, every hour, every minute, every second,

Uganda is consistent, attached to my heart as I am attached to it, the red dirt has found it's way into my heart, & it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

Uganda is who I am, makes me, me. & I should've known this was how this post would turn out.

Don't be surprised when in a few years, you find me on the other side of the world, finally living where I belong, & with a huge smile on my face.


p.s. if you've ever wanted an accurate depiction of my brain, this post is it, scattered & messy, & that's ME.

Ups & Downs {#12}

-Thumbs Up-
Going to my little cousin's play last night!
& Getting an autograph from "Peter Pan" :D
The weather in KY has maybe just maybe FINALLY stopped being bipolar & temperamental & warming up a bit!
Planning summer adventures.
Talking to my beautiful cyber-twinnie, Hope, all the way from South Africa! [DUDE I'VE MISSED YOU]
Wearing my pretty Ugandan flip-flips <3 <3 <3

-Thumbs down-
Not knowing when I'll be back in My Uganda
We forgot to bring my cousin her cute paper flowers we made her.
I haven't done an Ups & Downs post since 2013!?
Not having any idea whether or not my favorite little one in the whole world is doing okay,
 & missing her [^^^] beyond what I can explain.
Getting behind on my 2014 reading goal... uh oh.

i love it when thumbs up is easier than thumbs down...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Elite & Other Selection Stories

In the last 72 hours, I have found and read The Elite, The Prince, & The Guard, all Selection stories by Kiera Cass. (Click for links to each of them online for free. Don't judge I'm cheap)

So after plenty of thought on the topic, I've decided to give you my opinion on the famous love triangle.

I have told multiple people that I disliked Aspen, that he bugged me at least, but after reading The Guard, I realized that it was not Aspen I disliked, not in the slightest, it was the thought of America ending up with him.

Let me explain, to begin, I think Aspen loves America, with every fiber of his being and that he would go to the moon and back for her if it meant he could have her forever... Or even if it didn't. And for that very reason (bear with me for a minute) I don't think America deserves Aspen.

I think America does, love Aspen, or at least she did, but at the same time, part of her heart will always be tied to Maxon, even if she ended up with Aspen. He will always love her in ways she'll never be able to love him back, and Aspen doesn't deserve to have to share the girl he loves with anyone else, even if said person chose somebody else. Aspen needs someone he can love, who will love him back in every way America can't.

I also think America loves Maxon, I think she loves them both in very different ways, & I do think she loves Maxon more. The way she responds to them and the way their relationships have stood gives me the idea that she would have gotten over Aspen in much less time, and been beyond happy with Maxon had Aspen not shown up at the palace. Her having to get over Aspen while Aspen is still there fighting for her is nearly impossible, I think she still cares deeply for him, and doesn't want to hurt him, but she doesn't love him the way she once did.

And then there's Maxon, who was quite the character in this book to say the least. I think he loves America as much or more than Aspen, though in a different way. He'd go to any lengths to keep her safe & show that he cares about her, but you can tell he's torn at the thought that she could leave him at any second and if she genuinely told him she didn't want him, he'd have to let her go, because he does care about her enough to not force her into anything she doesn't want.

Also there is Kriss, who I do think loves Maxon, but I don't think he loves her. In moments of stress, heartbreak, and genuine confusion, he found comfort in her love & generosity, but I don't think he loves her, and Kriss doesn't deserve someone who doesn't genuinely care about her for her. I think Kriss and Maxon would have ended up together was America not in the picture whatsoever, but Maxon loves America too much to be with anyone else.

So, all of that being said, I am Team Maxon until the end for all three of their sakes.
Also I think Aspen should end up with Lucy...

Hopefully all of that made since to you, I'll see you all again soon!