Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ups & Downs {#12}

-Thumbs Up-
Going to my little cousin's play last night!
& Getting an autograph from "Peter Pan" :D
The weather in KY has maybe just maybe FINALLY stopped being bipolar & temperamental & warming up a bit!
Planning summer adventures.
Talking to my beautiful cyber-twinnie, Hope, all the way from South Africa! [DUDE I'VE MISSED YOU]
Wearing my pretty Ugandan flip-flips <3 <3 <3

-Thumbs down-
Not knowing when I'll be back in My Uganda
We forgot to bring my cousin her cute paper flowers we made her.
I haven't done an Ups & Downs post since 2013!?
Not having any idea whether or not my favorite little one in the whole world is doing okay,
 & missing her [^^^] beyond what I can explain.
Getting behind on my 2014 reading goal... uh oh.

i love it when thumbs up is easier than thumbs down...

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