Thursday, May 1, 2014

~my thoughts on the Divergent movie~

Can I just start by saying there are so many freaking book things I could talk about right now like OH. MY. GOSH.

My book world is exploding at the moment, but in an effort to keep myself sane, I'm gonna take a few steps back to my thoughts on.... dun dun dun you've-already-read-the-title-so-you-know-what-it-is-already-anyway.... THE DIVERGENT MOVIE.

Goodness gracious where to even begin...

Alright let's start from the top, the first time I saw the movie, I walked out with one word on the tip of my tongue "interesting". I couldn't figure out what I thought of it, the fact that my all-time favorite book had been turned into a movie made it extremely difficult to organize my thoughts about it.

Basically the one thing I knew for sure was that Ansel Elgort is freaking amazing, no one can deny that.

I saw it again a few weeks later & eventually came to my conclusion.

1. The movie itself was amazing

I have trouble admitting this a lot of the time with book adaptations, if it isn't like the book, I'm pretty consistent that I probably didn't like the movie. Divergent, on the other hand, though not perfectly accurate, was still obviously beautiful & awesome & epic

2. There was something I liked about every scene

I think this is the key to making book adaptations, you're going to have to change it, you have to accept that much, but if you keep it similar enough that book fans will like something in every scene, it works. The flip-side to this is that there was something I didn't like about most scenes too.

3. They tried

I know this sounds super critical, but I mean it as a serious compliment, in a lot of movies, when they realize it can't be exactly like the book, they just give up & do whatever they want (*cough* Percy Jackson *cough*), but that wasn't the case here, they left in as much as possible & did the best they possibly could with a 500+ page book.

After seeing it the second time, I realized there were pretty much only 3 things I DID. NOT. LIKE. about it, & that would be the simulations (those were changed WAY too much, like what the heck WAS that!?!?!), the fact that they left out the butter knife scene (I admittedly probably would've shut my eyes for part of that scene, but it was IMPORTANT in the book, it should've been there anyway), & the ending... those of you who read the book & saw the movie can probably just figure out why I didn't like that yourself.

All in all, I'd probably say 4-ish stars mostly because I'm critical of book-movies, but I did like it a lot, the actors were fantastic, the plot-line followed the book well if not perfectly, and overall, it was an impressive movie.

Leave your opinions of the DIvergent movie in the comments, I want to hear what you thought!


P.s. I'll be doing my "welcome may" post tomorrow since I'd already planned this one for today. :)


  1. I really enjoyed the movie too! Almost better than the book.
    The only thing I didn't really like was the last simulation between Tris and Tobias. They changed it more than they should have and I think it altered their {Tris and Four's} relationship for me. :/

    1. Better than the book? HAHAHAHAHA no. But it was good.
      I couldn't stand 99% of the simulations. They bugged the crap out of me.


  2. I loved the movie a lot. I had basically the same pet peeves you did with it, but it was so much better than 99% of the book to movie adaptions I've watched, so I'm not going to complain too much.


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