Friday, October 25, 2013

Ups & Downs {#9}

-thumbs up-
I learned how to do the cup song :D
Getting stuff for my Halloween costume
Getting excited for the fall retreat with my church... Eeeeep!!!!
This girl telling me this song reminded her of me... Don't cry, don't cry... Yeah I'm crying.
Sewing and DIY-ness :)
My birthday's in less than 3 weeks!
Realizing my friends might know me better than I than I thought... :)

-thumbs down- 
We don't have Christmas bags finished and dad leaves on Tuesday and ohmigosh panic mode.
My friends are moving next Thursday D:
Meeting the Kizito cookie lady and getting to talk about Uganda... and free tshirts! :D
My costume stinks but whatevs.
My daddy will be gone for my birthday :(
The fact that this girl lives in Florida is a thumbs down everyday of my life.


  1. I freakin' love you and all of the amazingness that is Molly. Don't stop beating, babe. ;)

    What are you going to be for Halloween?! :D

    1. Maybe, but I love every single little thing that is Heather because she is pure awesomeness. ....Meaning? :P

      My friends and I are going as the Avengers (Because the theme for trunk or treat is super heroes) and I'm gonna be Thor :)


  2. "Like a drum, baby, don't stop beating. Like a drum, my heart never stops beating for you." ;)

    That sounds so neat!!! I totally pictured you as Hulk though because of our whole "Don't make Molly angry" joke.

    1. Yeah... I got it right after I said that, I am ashamed.. :P

      Bahahahaha!!!!! Nice!! One of my leaders is gonna be Hulk and it will be amazing.


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