Wednesday, August 28, 2013

{Swings} a short story

I run as fast as I can, I know he's faster than me, but I have to beat him, just once. I run towards the tree we have spent hours climbing and swinging, I leap toward a branch and grab it with both hands, swinging forward and backward, like my little victory dance. Apparently the gymnastics classes did pay off.
"I beat you, I beat you, I. BEAT. YOU!" I shouted through my laughter.
"I wasn't even trying!" He shouted back. We were both out of breath, but it didn't matter
"Liar! I'm just faster than you!" I drop to the ground to gloat in his face.
"Whatever. One time! Don't get used to it!" He runs to the swing and jumps on it, almost losing his balance when it swung back and forth.
I grab the rope and pull myself on. We were swinging so high I thought we might touch the sky.
We lose track of how many hours we spend jumping, swinging, running, and climbing, we do this almost everyday until dinnertime. We have forever. 
"Alright kids!" I hear my Momma shouting from the house. "Time to call it a day" 
We both pout, but run to the back door of the house anyway. 
"See ya tomorrow" He says as he starts walking toward his house
"See ya!" My mom smiles and tousles my blonde ponytail, but it doesn't matter, it's already tangled from running around all day.
"You know, love, you might just see that boy differently in a few years" She says, I bet her hand away. "Not a chance" Is my response.


It's the same swing I spent hours on as a child, so much about me has changed since then, from my blonde hair giving way to red highlights, to going from dirty clothes to pretty dresses. Spending all day outside to staying in and reading a book. I used to be so adventurous, now change only scares me.
The only thing that's the same is him.
I don't wish it wasn't. But I wish my Momma's words hadn't come true. At only 7 years old I was told that someday my feelings could change. But oh I wish they hadn't. I wish I could look at him and see nothing more than my best friend, because I know that's all he'll ever be, but I can't. I wish I could tell him how I feel, but I can't. I just can't. I'd rather stay alone with my depressing thoughts than risk losing him. I'd give anything to go back to the days we spent together as children.
I block out the thoughts and fly through the air, back and forth, back and forth. I remember it going higher, I remember feeling like I was in charge of the world when I was up that high. 
Or I should say I try and block out the thoughts, but I can't. Yet another thing I can't do. Instead I keep kicking my legs as I left the tears slip down my face, the wind drying my face as I go. The tears sting my eyes as I swing back and forth, but it's a welcome feeling. I never let myself cry. 
It feels good to cry.
It shocks me when he comes through the back door, he's changed as much as I have since we were kids, he's still my best friend, but that's the only thing that hasn't changed.
I brush my hand across my face quickly before letting my bare feet brush against the grass. The swing slows to a stop and I sit there, watching him walk across the yard.
"What are you doing here" I ask when he's close enough to hear me.
"Well you don't sound happy to see me" He teases, I can never get a straight answer from him.
"Of course I am, moron. But some people consider it rude to show up at someone else's house uninvited" I smile, hoping I'm convincing enough.
A smile stretches across his face, and falls almost instantly. Great. He's seen right through me. Always does.
"You've been crying, what's wrong?" His concern is written across his face.
"Nothing" I lie, "I'm fine"
His eyes narrow "You're lying, tell me" I'm not gonna get past him at this point, he won't let it slip now. My eyes swim, how can I tell him? I shake my head, a feeble attempt to get him to back off.
He grabs the ropes above my head and leans close to me "Tell me, now. I'm worried about you. I thought we didn't keep secrets from each other?"
"I've been keeping this a secret for a long time" I whisper, my voice cracking, and turn away from him.
He moves back slightly, I can tell he's hurt, it breaks my heart to see him unhappy.
Just that one word makes the tears pooling in my eyes spill over, and we sit there in silence while tears stream down my face.
"I wish we were kids again" I say. It's all I can choke out.
Though confusion is etched across his face, he attempts a playful smile. He swings himself up and around so he standing behind me on the swing. He kicks hard on the ground and we soar towards the sky and back again. Even in the midst of my tears, I smile. I lean my head back to look at him and he glances down at me, grinning ear to ear. 
"You're right" He says "I really missed this, it's pretty great, huh?" 
"Definitely" I say, still smiling up at him.
I don't know how long we stay like that, swinging back and forth, and I don't care. I just laugh and close my eyes to feel the wind in my face. When the swing slows down again, he hops off and grabs the branch right at eye level, pulling himself up to sit on it. He motions for me to come up with him.
He's so much taller than me, I have to grab a shorter branch and pull myself up to get to the one he's on.
"Remember when we were kids, and this one looked so high up?" I ask when I sit down next to him.
"How could I forget?" He smiles, "Those really were the days"
"No kidding" I say, "Always felt like we could do what ever we wanted"
He puts his arm around me and I stiffen. He pulls his arm back and turns to look at me, I feel my face heating up, and I look away. 
"What is it?" He asks
"Nothing, nothing" I say and force a smile.
He narrows his eyes slightly, as though he's examining my thoughts. He isn't gonna say anything until I explain myself.
"Look" I say finally, staring into my lap "I just... I wish I could just see you as just my best friend again, but... I can't. You're more than that to me and I can't help it." I glance up at him, at first he looks confused, but then understanding spreads across his face and he smiles. 
Then he does something I wouldn't have expected him to do in a million year.
He leans in and touches his lips to mine. Just briefly , and gently, and yet it was perfect, absolutely perfect.
He leans hi forehead against mine with his eyes closed and says "You have absolutely no idea how long I've waited for you to say that"
And I smile, and think this must be what perfect happiness is.


Well there you have it. Short story number 3. I decided I didn't really like the last one, but I think this one is pretty cute, what do you think?? Maybe I like more modern things.
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  1. Oh my gosh. You are amazing. <3 If only I could write like this... I have so many short stories, but I am to afraid to put them up.. Oh well.. I guess that is my anxiety condition kicking in. :)
    Keep up the flawlessness.

    1. Awww thank you!!! You're kidding, your writing is beautiful!! You should totally post them!!

      Thank you for commenting!

      xoxo Molly

  2. O.o Oh. my. freaking. gosh. This is amazing!!! Why are you not writing a book?! or are you?? hehe x

    1. Thank you SO much Hope!!! You have no idea how much that means to me <333 No I'm not, I don't have the patience to do that XD

      stay flawless,
      xoxo Molly


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