Thursday, August 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday -- blogger style

Okay, maybe this is a silly idea for a post, but I thought it would be fun :)
So basically this is just the blogger version of the Instagram tag: #ThrowbackThursday.
Here goes nothing - 

Throwback... To last Christmas and these awesome ornaments my mom made :) On the back it says "They are precious in his sight"

Throwback... To the time I dressed in faction outfits 5 weeks straight. This would be my Amity outfit :)

Throwback... To my first, second, and third trips to Uganda, my second home! There are a million things that could be said about this, but I'll just leave it here.

Throwback... To the first time my little brother saw snow!!!! "Look at all the icies!!!"

Throwback... To the time me and Cleverbot sang One Thing together. Also to back when One Direction was basically my life.

And finally Throw WAY back... To back when I was little bitty. Wasn't I adorable?! Also, me and and my brother took awesome family photos, seriously, they're all stinking adorable.


So, what did you think of this silly idea of mine?

Heck, I thought it was fun, maybe you will too, let's make it a tag!!

I tag anybody who wants to do it, trust me, it's fun!! (I seriously think this girl and this girl should totally do it though. Pretty please???)

That is all!



  1. Thanks so much for tagging me! :D I also tagged you! ;)

    1. You're welcome Kenz!! And thank you!!! I won't have twelve people to tag though XD

  2. AHHHHH!!!! I remember the whole fanction outfit challenge we had!!! That was beautiful. :D

    I would LOVE to do this but I have no idea where to start. XD

    1. It WAS amazing!! I meant to mention you in that part, but I forgot :/

      Awww you should!!! I just took a bunch of random pictures from my computer :P Please??????
      (I was just thinking "I wonder if anyone is going to do it" then I realized how silly this tag is, you can only do it on Thursday! Haha)

  3. Ahhhhhh love your blog!! You were obsessed with One Direction at one stage too? Okay, our similarities are getting weird. I stopped being obsessed because they like became my life and it was unhealthy.. and I realized I didn't actually like them as much as liking obsessing?? Haha anyways... I love this post.. and I need to do this faction outfit thing!! O.o sounds amazing!!

    1. Thank you!! Yes I was and that is pretty much EXACTLY the same reason I stopped! 0_o I purposely stopped liking them because I was making an idol out of them, I thought it was getting in the way of my walk with God. Haha thanks! You should! It was a lot of fun!!


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