Monday, September 16, 2013

That time I lost my books, blew up a bridge, and hit an evil villain with a pillow

Kay so, I know I've already told you one of my dreams before, but last night's dream was literally too good not to talk about, I've been laughing about it all day, I don't know where my brain gets these things.

Alright, before I start, I should let you know that it won't be as detailed as the last one since all the details are REALLY fuzzy so it's all a little hard to remember. 

I probably should start by saying I sort of had 3 dreams last night but I only really remember the middle one because it was the longest. I don't really remember anything of the last one and all I remember of the first one is Eduardo (See this post) was in it, which actually makes sense because I saw him last night and was talking to his sister and I was thinking about my conversation with his sister before I fell asleep. (I promise you I do not like him! Really!)

And now on to the entertaining part...
Let me set the scene, I'm still the same age as I am now, but I'm the only one, everyone else has gone back about 15 years. I'm with my 3 older-younger brothers and my younger parents and we are chasing something, and we're at some kind of bridge (Although what I remember looks more like a GIGANTIC trampoline, like, what!?) and I take some pictures at a sort of photobooth but they didn't give us the pictures yet. 

Now there's this little girl there, no older than 4, and I'm walking around with her, and something happens and she FREAKING BLOWS UP THE BRIDGE. But nobody blames us, they evacuate everyone and throw us our pictures and push us out the door.

Next I'm in a convenience store but I'm with different people now and we get attacked, I actually just now remembered this part so I don't really know what happened, but we were throwing food and stuff at each other and we ran away, and I'm pretty sure than little evil child is still with us, WHAT?!

Now we're back at the bridge, it's mostly rebuilt and we take pictures again, but when they give us our stuff, it's a bunch of (Really awesome) African-style necklaces, and we're asking for our pictures but I'm looking for my Percy Jackson books. 

The next scene is at a restaurant of some sort, and I'm with my family again, and we're attacked by a man and a woman, but we don't try and fight back we run away and get in the car and onto the highway. Apparently we know where we're going.

We end up at a house in the living room and the same lady is there, and you know who else? VOLDEMORT. Literally, and I'm supposed to fight him. There are a bunch of magic items and things that keep going off and trying to hurt me, but he's really not fighting back, at all. Everyone else is just standing there like it's a game. THe weirdest part about this? I'M JUST REPEATEDLY HITTING VOLDEMORT WITH A FREAKING CUSHION. He's not even fighting back, he's just letting me beat him to death with a pillow o_0 Every time one of the little magic goes of, someone just hit it with a pillow and we were good. Eventually I win and we just walk away.

And that's when I woke up.

I really don't know what's wrong with my brain, I have no idea where all this came from, I remember so many strange little details. (Ex. the evil little girl had tight dirty blonde curls) It's the weirdest dream I've ever had and I really do NOT understand it. Well, hope you enjoyed that.

I love Daily Odd Compliments. 


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    1. Haha thanks :P

      stay flawless,
      xoxo Molly

  2. OH. MY. WORD. I can't stop laughing. XD

    1. I understand the feeling XD I don't understand how my brain works.

      Stay flawless!
      xoxo Molly


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