Monday, September 2, 2013


So... Based on the title you might think this is gonna be a heartfelt, thought out post about following your ambitions and doing what you love and all that jazz.


On the contrary, this is a post in which I tell you about one of my most recent dreams that was... interesting. {The details of the story are a little fuzzy, this is what I remember of this dream}

So to begin, this dream was set in what I assume was a futuristic dystopian, I was there, and a bunch of people I know were there, including two of my brothers and a guy from my church (We'll get to that later)

In this dream world, we go into an arena and fight monsters, for sport as far as I could tell.
 Except, they weren't like big scary monsters that you fought with weapons. Actually, they were more like Monsters inc type monsters that we fought in hand-to-hand combat.

... Yeah

So stepping back a bit, I mentioned the guy from my church, well I don't really know this guy well, like at all, but my dream-self seemed to have a much bigger crush on him than my real-life self.

See this guy (Let's call him Eduardo, which by the way, is not his name at all) did something - I don't really even remember what and my dream-brother said something along the lines of "When a cute guy does that than you ____" (I don't know what he was telling me to do XD) and I did not, my dream-brother repeated himself and I still did not, now everyone else is staring at me and I got really embarrassed, so naturally, I just ran away. 

I think I went to the bathroom and when I came out, Eduardo was waiting for me, nobody else was there.
He starts flirting and whatnot and we go to the arena, you know, where we fight monsters.

So apparently we do this stuff in teams, and on my team is my other dream-brother and Eduardo. So the monster attacks me first and knocks me down (Apparently I'm not very good at monster fighting) and Eduardo gets really mad and attacks the monster and wins the fight in seconds. So now my dream-self is thinking "So does this mean he likes me?". 

Anyway at some point Eduardo admits to liking me and everybody thinks it's adorable and blah blah blah...
(I know, I'm such a romantic. Really I just don't really remember this part)

After this we all end up in this building, apparently we're the heroes in this dystopian society book and we are trapped. Then there are these holographic monsters that I somehow know each of us has to fight. 

We end up winning because I knew what we had to do. 

I vaguely remember there being more to the dream, but it's all a blur after that so....
That's all folks!!


P.s. Was that really boring or what? XD I just thought you people in the internet-world would like to know what goes on in my brain, I really don't know where that came from.
Also, I told my parents about this dream, but only about, well, what's before the picture. I casually left out the part about Edurado, haha xD


  1. that was just amazing...! XD I loved it so much and I really enjoyed this post! Call me weird too if you want! XD

    ...*giggles* I also had a romantic dream last night... sorta. O.o


    1. Thanks Kenz! You're not weird, maybe have interesting taste, but not weird XD This legit happened though, I have no idea how my brain comes up with this stuff XD

      Hahaha!! Romantic like mine? xP it really was sweeter than I made it sound, but I can't remember much :P

      stay flawless!
      xoxo Molly

  2. I cannot stop laughing. XD I had a dream once about being in the Hunger Games with Karl, AB, my sister and I but yours sounds SOOOOO much cooler! I would totally love to hug one of the monsters from Monsters Inc. :D

    1. Hahaha, I'm glad you enjoyed this XD I had a Hunger Games dream once too!! Rico from Hannah Montana was trying to kill me.


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